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Intensive Professional Apitherapy Online Course

Multiple Instructors

Apitherapy Courses
Apitherapy International Apitherapy Courses

Course Information

Module 1 Advanced Phytotherapy

Module 2 Advanced Apitherapy

Module 3 Advanced Beekeeping  

Module 4 Bee product types and origin

Module 5 Characteristics of Bee products

Module 6 Composition of Bee products

Module 7 Active substances in bee products  

Session 85 Pharmacological Properties of Bee product

Session 9 Indication of Bee Product

Module 10 Treatment Protocols

Module 11 Method of Administration and Dosages

Module 12 Contraindications and precautions

 Module 13 Pharmaceutical Forms

Module 14 Recipes and products

Module 15 Bee venom therapy

Module 16 Actions and recommendations of bee products in human pathology

Module 17 Other Apitherapy activities and products

Module 18 Marketing of Apitherapy and Bee Products

Module 19 Meetings with our doctors

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